Kitromilidou, Psillidou & Co LLC was founded in 2010 with a vision to lead the evolution of the legal and professional services industry, starting from Cyprus and ultimately expanding globally. The foundations of this vision were built around well-entrenched and solid principles and values such as passion, hard work, innovation, and client oriented service, values which were inspired by the founders and are shared, adhered to and constantly enhanced by all the people of our firm.

The firm is located in Limassol, Cyprus’ prevailing international business center, and occupies three stories of a beautiful modern building in the city center.

Since its inception, Kitromilidou, Psillidou & Co LLC has achieved exponential growth reaching the quality of service, the network, the client base and size equal if not greater to law firms operating in this industry for several decades thus developing a reputation as one of the leading law firms in Cyprus. The combination of, on one hand, extensive and variant experience and, on the other hand, creative talent and innovative mind in the extremely competitive industry of lawyers and professional service providers has enabled us to excel in meeting the needs of and adding value to all of our clients. We are proud of and value all our people and focus on our continued growth.

As a firm we are also extremely proud of our very diverse clientele which consists predominantly of institutional clients such as international banks, investment firms, the majority of the major international auditing networks and their clients, including “Big 4 firms”, multinational private corporations, private wealth and prominent individual clients from Cyprus and abroad.

Diversity however, characterizes not just our clientele but also our services, our practice areas and our workforce.  We want our clients, once they decide to entrust us with the handling of any legal and/or business needs, to thereafter free themselves of any worries or concerns with regards or in relation to the same and to feel confident, assured and at ease of mind in doing so.  We consider that the wide and constantly expanding spectrum of our practice areas and services offered renders us a uniquely comprehensive point of reference for our clients, not only for the handling of their most complex, difficult and challenging legal and business needs but also for the handling of and assistance in connection with less serious or even trivial matters.  Our clients have often said to us we feel at home when we come to you.

We consider the provision of services with flawless professionalism not just our duty but our clients’ rightful entitlement. To this end, we are unequivocally committed to always represent and serve our clients with perseverance, passion, assertiveness and integrity.

We also insist on ingenuity and forward thinking thus ensuring that Kitromilidou, Psillidou & Co LLC always keeps pace with and, if necessary, adapts to the constantly evolving new legal and service trends and demands whilst at the same time and as expected by our clients remaining strong and stable to be relied upon. In this connection, we are pioneers in engineering legal and professional services to provide bespoke and tailor made solutions to our clients but also to address legal and regulatory changes thus allowing us to provide exemplary representation.

Kitromilidou, Psillidou & Co LLC in recognition of the above has been the recipient of many awards and honors both firm wide and for a number of our practices and individual practitioners including recommendations distinction by independent international rating directories such as the Legal 500.